Knag n me

Friday, August 6, 2010

crazyness of Irish Twins........... and the bestie is coming to visit

ok so i never know what my kids will get into or find when we go anywhere. keith is talking so much now a days and it gets to the point at the end of the day that im telling him please son just 2 mins of quiet but as a lot of u know im sure telling that to a 3 yr old it doesnt work.

 Arianna is getting to the talking stage too. also i think im going to be potty training her here soon too.
Omg yesterday the power got turned off. and it wasnt cause of an outage either the landlady lives on the 1st floor and she called and had the power shut off of our floor. agggggggggggggg 10 months its been on and yesterday she had it turned off. i swear to u i was so pissed. uhhhhh hello power company please what do i need to do to turn it on. i have two young kids with severe asthma that need treatments everyday. so thanks to the nice power company women its back on. needless to say. i wasnt happy.

tomorrow my bestie gets here. wahoooooo im so excited she is the godmother to my kids and the last time she saw either kid arianna was 6 weeks old. so its so good that she is coming