Knag n me

Monday, April 26, 2010

omg 5 er visits

so in the last week i have been to the emergenacy room 5 times. 2 for each kids and 1 for me. keith ended up on anitbiotics the second time. arianna has been on them since her first visit and since last nite she is on a steroid too. myself i have been on the steroid and breathing treatments since saturday nite. Life as an asthmatic is horrible. the doctor at the er asked me if arianna has asthma i said i dont think so. my son does though as do i. so he told me to see a peditrian from the hospital about arianna. so i called about the new doc seeing her and they said ask ur pcp. but of course i was told a week ago tuesday that i couldnt take my kids back because my drivers liscense was from nevada. Ya i know how do u deny a child that is sick from seeing a doctor exspecially because both my kids have health issuse that need to be monitored. so after talking to the hopefully new doc i called the insurance people and told them what the pcp had told me and that i would like to change to the new doc. the insurance people said ms. arangoa u need to speak to the pcp and u should have called us when u were in the office last week. Opps my bad hello i have had two sick kids under 3 and myself so ya i havent had a chance to do anything but lay in bed and relax with my kids. so i called the pcp office and they took the information and said they'ed call back but its now 8:12pm here and no phone call tomorrow ill be calling the insurance people again and demanding the my child gets seen by someone asap. because if she does have the asthma i want to know

Friday, April 23, 2010

Sick children sick parents

OMG so keith has been sick since the thursday of last week. arianna got sick on sunday and ive been sick since saturday. mannie has been sick since monday. keith went to the er twice. and this past wednesday i had to take arianna. omg i cant even tell u how much i want them to be better. please lord make them better

Monday, April 19, 2010

ya me

Hello friends. so i have started a group on this place called cafemom. i went looking for a group for women age 26 to above but couldnt find one. so i made late 20's to early 30's mommas. being 27 and the mother of two kids 3 and under i was looking for moms who i could talk to who are my age. so heres hoping i can keep the group alive and keep my blog going.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

3:30am wake up call by both kids.........

yup both kids decided lets get up at 3:30 am. OMG i dont like when they do that makes me bananas. hubby went back to sleep snoring away while i did my farming on facebook. of course the kids went back to sleep at like 5am but could mom? uhhhh nope. so im sitting here with a migrain hoping that they wont get to wild today. wish me luck

Monday, April 12, 2010

go and join

hello all u should go and see my friend at you had me at hello. she is awesome.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

hello blogger friends sorry i haven't wrote in a few days, but u know how women get when they have a monthly visitor.s anyways keith has been getting up at 4am the last three days making me crazy. arianna has decided that she can hit everybody in the house. i mean really at almost 18 months she is being a bully. last night neither kid wanted to go to sleep and it was about 8 so we went for a walk. we passed one of the like 6 churches in our neighbor hood and found out a drunk driver had just crashed in to the marquee in front. the drunk was gone but all i could say to my husband was wow i cant even believe someone would crash at a church and take off. of course we came home and gave the kids another bath in the lavender soap and like 1hr later they went to bed. have a wonderful day

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

princess arianna and her wake up call

today the hubby went to work really early so it was just me and the kiddos. well keith  came in and said "mommy we need to feed the fishes" (on facebook keith and i started a fish tank) every morning he comes in and says lets feed our fishes. about an hr later we here in arianna's voice oh no. i go running to their room and she had taken off her jammies and had peed all over. i just cracked up because it was too cute. 
later when she took a nap keith and i painted a train and half of a plastor ladybug. now its bed time for them and relaxing time for mommy. maybe ill clean tonight but maybe not

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

day started bad and then got better

ya so today is my wash day and i went downstairs. put the 1st load in and then 30 mins later when i went downstairs it was soaking wet. so i had to load up the kids and my 4 loads of wash. went to the landary mat. of course my kids dont really see to many landray mats so they were exploring. this little old lady say miss ur daughter is in the dryer(before u go all crazy the door was open and is wasnt hot0. but as im going over there to get arianna im smiling because she was all giggles. the lady says thats not funny u know. i proceed to tell her ya i know its not funny, i know kids that have been put in the dryer and gotten burned so i know its not funny. why do people think that they can give advice when its not wanted.

Keith was such a big help though he put cloths in the basket from the  washer and then helped me load the dryers. he is growing so fast 3 yrs old already. makes me sad. i know when arianna turns 2 im going to be crying my eyes out. After i found out i was pregnant with arianna i told the doctors to cut and burn my tubes because i knew i wouldnt be able to handle another miscarriage with two young kids. so back to my day. after we did the wash we had to go get diapers for miss arianna, plus there is a micheals near target and we went to get some craft supplies. then we went to eat beans and fices(as keith says it). got daddys hair cut and came home. so our day did get better. thank goodness. kids are sleeping finally so im off to bed to. good night fellow bloggers.

Monday, April 5, 2010

random words

Ok so its 10:25pm here and both kids are sleeping. wahoo for me. well 3 post in one day im feeling great. so alittle bit about our crazy life. keith and i have been doing tons of arts and crafts. we painted to boards and their 1st intials. then we glued the letters to the board and added little things that they like. keiths has a soccer ball and ariannas has a ladybug. then we painted something for their uncles bday but ill tell u about it after he sees it.
we also go on lots of walks and wonderful neighborhood adventures. today we played with colored choc , keith was laying down and i traced his body. so tomorrow when daddy sees it its gonna look like a little boy in choc. arianna just tried to eat it.

oh my daughter has this thing with ladybugs. she will found them in our house and outside. two days ago one was on her dress and i just say oh u lucky girl. because ladybugs are lucky. which is a very good thing because she has had luck on her side because since birth she has been sick. but since about 8 months shes been better.  thank the lord and i did everytime we heard that apena alarm because it would get me and daddy up and we'ed get her to breath.
the lord and i have had a rough relationship but since the 1st week in march ive started having conversations with him again and even reading my bible. that 1st week in march i kinda lost it. since keith was born ive had post partuem depression. and that week i went a little luny and ended up on a hold. i figured that i really need god to help me get past the rough patch because i NEED to be here for my kids. so now im doing the blog thing to help keep me sane and to post about my mirucle kids(i was raped 13 yrs ago and had lots of scar tissue so to have my kids is a mircule). God bless and goodnight

mommy i gotta potty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

ok im sure there are many kids potty training right now but as this is my first child doing it its comedy to me.
keith: mommy i gotta potty......
mommy: ok go in the bathroom then.
keith: mommy i got poopy in my booty. :D
mommy: haha keith ur funny.
keith: mommy emily is coming.(emily is a train in the thomas videos)
mommy: keith what are u talking about?
keith: emily is coming out my winkie(ya he calls his peepee a winkie so what)
Mommy: keith, no emily just go potty.

Out of the mouth of my 3 yr old. he makes me smile. of course his sissy just claps cause after brother goes potty she and keith get treats.

we took a walk this evening and let me tell u. seeing planes is not that big a deal to adults but to kids its a surprise everytime. Arianna jumps up and down pointing. she sqeals and says bye bye. keith just says look mommy helocoptor. hahahahaha. cant wait to see how he reacts to being on one when we travel to los angeles and carson city nevada.

the start of a beautiful friendship

ok i finally jumped on the band wagon and made a blog. The title is KNAG n me which is my son and daughters first two intials. so this will be about them and me.
One thing that has been happening with my kids is that my 3 yr old keith tells everybody and their mama that sissy is his best friend. Which i think is so cute. my daughter arianna is only 17 months so she doesnt say alot of words but if someone is messing with her bo(word for brother) she lets me know. My kids are 17 months apart which also makes them irish twins. They act as if they are twins, when arianna was first born she had sleep apena. Which means that when she was sleeping she would stop breathing so she wore a heart monitor till she was about 6 months. When that thing sounded the alarm keith would go running to me or my husband mannie saying sissy sissy. ever since he has watched out for her.
Another interesting thing is that we are potty trianing keith and have been since febuary 1st. He has it down but he still has accidents. well thats it for the moment but keep coming back for more.