Knag n me

Monday, July 19, 2010

anyone feel like somedays u most of hit the crazy button getting out of bed

ya im having one of those days. having mental health issues is horrible. im on 2 different antidepressants and somedays are better then others but i have started to feel happier. however with me and the kids having asthma the warmer, humid weather sucks. its hot out here and yes i try and get the kids in the pool at least everyday. and somedays as soon as i open my sliding door to check outside it hits me that dang it im not going to be going outside today. and the happy pills are having one of those days that its not helping my mental health.

On another note. the kids are getting big. Keith thinks he is big stuff and trying to tell me how life is gonna be. if he tells me no one more time im washing his mouth out. and before anyone tells me its wrong, i dont actually put the soap in i show him that im gonna do it and he stops. also we took away his toys for 2 days because i was done letting him get away with hitting his sissy.
Arianna has been talking alot these days and im finding it hard to believe that she is 21 months already. what happened to my little 6lb baby.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

wow im so sorry blog friends

ok i seriously suck at bloging it has been a while and im so sorry.
the kids are taking alot of my time and energy and its all i can do at night to  feed my pet and harvest my farmville on facebook.
this month my baby brother turns 21. how did that happen. i pretty much took care of him growing up and for him to be 21. its throwing me for a loop. i mean i was already think dang my son is 3 and my daughter will be 2 in about 3 months.
the crazyness continues with my best buddy who is like my sister having her first baby. im so excited for her.

So last month was our 4 yr wedding anniversary. and we just spent time together at home. because his birthday is the same day. so i made him a cake and dinner and the kids sang to him.
so im hoping that i can keep a better eye on this blog.