Knag n me

Thursday, December 30, 2010

wow already its going to be the new year.

dang im so not ready for this new year. im in so much pain from the


and it sucks so much. i wouldn't risk this on my worst enemy and she tired to kill me. its taken 4 + years for me to get diagnoised with this. and im glad for it to be over. now its time to figure out what meds work to handle my pain. now having two kids one who is 3 and one who is 2 while dealing with the pain is alittle hard but ive been doing it. keith thinks its a game when he comes to our room in the morning and has to see if mommys in the bed or on the toddlar matteress on the floor. other then that we had a wonder xmas spent with our family.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

being asthmatic and being sick.

so when i was 13 i was diagnosed with asthma. needless to say because i was diagonois so late in my life ill have it forever. sucks. well when i become pregnant the first time i was told ur child has a 50 percent chance of having asthma. so no big deal right. hahahaha ya right. guess what keith has it. aggggggggggggg pissed me off. keith refused to drink the singular stuff so it was a horrible time. then when i became pregnant with arianna i just thought i bet she gets it too. and of course she got not only the asthma from me but aniema to. man i suck. also she was born with sleep apnea. so back to now. of course its winter time, and right after thanksgiving arianna got sick she was put on meds and breathing treatments. she got better then now 2 weeks before xmas she is getting worest again. and because she is asthmatic its a terrible thing that i hate that she chokes when she coughs. it not only scares mannie and i but her too. keith has a cough but because we caught it now i think that he will get better sooner

Thursday, December 9, 2010

today is dec. 9th and in a month and 3 days ill be........ 28

omg im so sitting here thinking dang im gonna be 28. four yrs ago i was pregnant with my first child and thinking wow im nervous. and now i have 2 kids and been married for 4 yrs. things are so silly now a days. keith is in this really horrible stage were all he does is wine and then he starts chocking and coughing. arianna is in the terrible twos and man is it horrible. i cant even imagine having twins at this stage. i can only think that life is going to be alittle easier soon.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy thanksgiving.......... what it means for me.....

im so thankful for my loving family. For my two wonderful silly kids. for my hubby and of course for all of our health.

Happy thanksgiving to all of you, may u have a wonderful day. be safe on black friday all

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

crappy day

yesterday woke up to a leak in the kitchen and i wasn't happy about it.wont be fixed till insurance pays for it.

Friday, November 19, 2010

oh man no one likes me

lol ya i know i have 7 followers but no one really seems to comment. so today is november 19th 2010. hard to think that its almost jan. wow.
Well life has had its ups and downs. we have lived back in chicago for a yr now and it has been good for all of us. when we lived in carson city, nevada the kids had a few friends, but no cousins near their age or they never saw any of their relatives other then my grandma, my dad and bro. so now that we are here in chicago they have cousins galore and see their grandparents so much. keith loves seeing his cousins and all his family. arianna has her moments when she doesnt want anyone touching her but daddy, mommy, wito or wita. sometimes she even lets tio and tia touch her. but she loves all her family. going into this holiday season is going to be great because not only are we going to mannie's brother and sister in laws house, we will also be going to mannies uncles house. so the kids will be seeing their cousins and eatting lots of food.

also im hoping that within the next 2 christmases we will start doing the tradition were everyone including the kids will stay up till 12 to open presents. well good nite all

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

wahoo for my big girl

so for along time now i have been looking for a twin bed for my daughter and nothing. i had a line on one this past weekend because someone had posted on craigslist that they were trying to get rid of one. well that fell through then today while out with mannie and the kids another post on craigslist about a twin bed. we headed over there and tada princess has a big girl bed. i sprayed it down with bleach and water. we put a plastic over on it. then arianna and i went to walmart. i showed her there colors this color red,  this kind of orange with a red tint, and a pretty pink. Of course being my Orange loving daughter she picked the orange. she loves her bed. 

see she loves her bed. see her pretty orange sheet? 
also her brother loves her bed too
thanks for stopping by tomorrow ill post so pics of my fantastic alley finds.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Nov 15th.

Dang cold dang chest pains. So for about 2 weeks my kids have been sick. now since Wednesday i have had chest pains so severe that i have to sleep on the floor. sucks for me but at least my hubby gets the whole bed for himself.
well i found the holiday cards that i wanted and i plan on ordering them soon. im using the shutterfly cards for new years cards.
miss arianna has began the potty training process. she tells us poo but not pee so im hoping soon she will tell us pee. i finally found the training pants for her. all i could find was white ones or blue for boys but this past weekend i found princess training pants. also she is talking so much more. she loves watching word world and martha speak on pbs.

Friday, November 12, 2010

50 free holiday cards from shutterfly and my wonderful card

hello all.

so i heard about this great shutterfly give away 50 free holiday cards for bloggers. how awesome right. so i headed over there and looked around. I found an awesome one that i really like. Perfect color and design for our holiday picture. Its a 5 x 7 holiday card that is orange with white snow flakes. And if u know my lovely daughter u know that orange is her favorite color. so Im saving that design and defineity going to show mannie when he gets home.
if u love to send cards for the holiday then this is where to go. ive tried other places but i really like shutter fly.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

50 free holiday cards from shutterfly

And if you are a blogger Remember Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly… sign up:

awesome product and im so going to be looking into holiday cards this year.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

sunday oct 24th 2010.

well things are a normal crazy here. the kids decided to would be a fantastic idea to get up at 4 am. ok well keith decided ok im gonna wake up sister and were going to play needless to say. i wasnt happy at all.

daddy went to work at about 830 and arianna woke up at 9am after falling back to sleep at about 510am. now they are chasing a train down the hallway dont worry its a thomas the tank engine.

Friday, October 22, 2010

crazy month

omg things have been crazy for like a month. On sept 18th my sister in law got married and it was a wonderful wedding and reception makes me almost wish ours was one that both sides of the family could come to but u know there would have been MAJOR drama caused by my side of the family.

Neways on sept 20th we meaning the kids and i just got home when i get a phone call from the west coast. my future sister in law calls me saying amanda ur dad is on the way to the er in an ambluance, to which i say what happened. well i was getting my daughter out of the tub when i heard a thump i come in and he is having a sezure. she tells me. 

i say ok let me call u back i have to call the hospital because im next of kin,  even though dad lives with my 21 yr old bro im in charge. called the er they said yes he is here the doc is looking at him whats his medical history. while im im doing this my lovely kids decide to jump on their beds when mind u there 3 and not even 2 then. i say stop ur gonna get hurt and then thump she fells. she crys and runs to me. not even 2 mins later she is throwing up so i call 911 cause im alone with the kids. they do a ct scan at the hospital and she  has no bleeding but a concussion. oh man im so happy thats it. 
the rest of september was fine then wednesday my son has taught sister to lock their bedroom door. she goes in and locks it and then panicks so she cant unlock it. so what happens mom calls 911 again and no less then 10 paramedics come to the rescue. they were great didnt break the door or anything. man who would have thought that life would be this crazy.
my neighbor says i should write a book or something to embarrassed the kids

Friday, October 15, 2010

the princesses bday

so arianna turned 2 on oct 13th. sometimes i look back at her birth and think wow i cant believe that she has made it this far. she was born with sleep apnea and at 5 months was hospitalized for rsv. both which are serious but she made it wahooo. keith is growing bigger everyday too.

Friday, August 6, 2010

crazyness of Irish Twins........... and the bestie is coming to visit

ok so i never know what my kids will get into or find when we go anywhere. keith is talking so much now a days and it gets to the point at the end of the day that im telling him please son just 2 mins of quiet but as a lot of u know im sure telling that to a 3 yr old it doesnt work.

 Arianna is getting to the talking stage too. also i think im going to be potty training her here soon too.
Omg yesterday the power got turned off. and it wasnt cause of an outage either the landlady lives on the 1st floor and she called and had the power shut off of our floor. agggggggggggggg 10 months its been on and yesterday she had it turned off. i swear to u i was so pissed. uhhhhh hello power company please what do i need to do to turn it on. i have two young kids with severe asthma that need treatments everyday. so thanks to the nice power company women its back on. needless to say. i wasnt happy.

tomorrow my bestie gets here. wahoooooo im so excited she is the godmother to my kids and the last time she saw either kid arianna was 6 weeks old. so its so good that she is coming

Monday, July 19, 2010

anyone feel like somedays u most of hit the crazy button getting out of bed

ya im having one of those days. having mental health issues is horrible. im on 2 different antidepressants and somedays are better then others but i have started to feel happier. however with me and the kids having asthma the warmer, humid weather sucks. its hot out here and yes i try and get the kids in the pool at least everyday. and somedays as soon as i open my sliding door to check outside it hits me that dang it im not going to be going outside today. and the happy pills are having one of those days that its not helping my mental health.

On another note. the kids are getting big. Keith thinks he is big stuff and trying to tell me how life is gonna be. if he tells me no one more time im washing his mouth out. and before anyone tells me its wrong, i dont actually put the soap in i show him that im gonna do it and he stops. also we took away his toys for 2 days because i was done letting him get away with hitting his sissy.
Arianna has been talking alot these days and im finding it hard to believe that she is 21 months already. what happened to my little 6lb baby.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

wow im so sorry blog friends

ok i seriously suck at bloging it has been a while and im so sorry.
the kids are taking alot of my time and energy and its all i can do at night to  feed my pet and harvest my farmville on facebook.
this month my baby brother turns 21. how did that happen. i pretty much took care of him growing up and for him to be 21. its throwing me for a loop. i mean i was already think dang my son is 3 and my daughter will be 2 in about 3 months.
the crazyness continues with my best buddy who is like my sister having her first baby. im so excited for her.

So last month was our 4 yr wedding anniversary. and we just spent time together at home. because his birthday is the same day. so i made him a cake and dinner and the kids sang to him.
so im hoping that i can keep a better eye on this blog.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

wow its been awhile

oh wow is all i can say today. this week has been a very rough week. my mother is nuts and arianna is sick.

Monday, May 24, 2010

a give away at You Had Me At Hello

go check it out

oh the life on a mom with 2 kids under 4.

my kids have been saying the most silly things. keith tells us when he goes number 2. mommy i have dinosuar poo. OMG. and arianna says NO to everything even when asked if she wants to eat.

Poor girl has a horrible infection in her ear because like mommy and wita she is allergic to her ladybug earrings to its Gold earrings or nothing at all. plus it means she will have to get her ears repierced because i cant put in the orignals because of the infection.
so how was everyones week last week?

Friday, May 21, 2010

"Mommy U shut up"

oh my dear son. the past few days all i hear out his mouth is NO and SHUT UP. dear son u are 3 yrs old and you should not be saying these things to your mom. better yet you shouldnt say it at all. arianna is starting to talk also so she says NO all the time. arggggg kids sometimes i just want them to not ever talk. other then that we have been doing ok just living life.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

wow its been awhile

so i havent wrote anything in a little over a week. i had my mental health appointment last saturday. all he did was give me the prescripiton. so thats it for that.

the kids are getting big and it amazes me everyday. keith was spinning in the living room the other day and fell he hurt his back. i told him keith stop doing that. what does he do yup spins again and fells he scraped his back pretty good. arianna fell and scraped her nose a few days after mothers day. so both had awesssss. hubby is working lots of hrs so its just me and the kids.

Friday, May 7, 2010

the things my 3 yr old says

so last night we had some rain storms. well keith wakes up at 3am yup again 3am. well he comes into our room saying mommy i heard a bad noise. so i said alrite climb in bed with us. then he says mommy lighting mcqueen in outside. i told him what. then i see the lighting. hahahaha my son calls lighting lighting mcqueen. he is so funny i love him.

my kids are so silly sometimes. i dont know what goes through their minds but they make me smile.

so as mothers day is here i would like to show too mothers from my life. in this pic is my grandmother in front my cousin latoya hold my daughter she is pregnant in this pic she had her baby in decemeber? the babies name is Nevaeh. my aunt sara, me and my son. my grandma means the word to me and i want to say happy mothers day to all the other mommys in the world


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

ewww thats nasty

ok so my daughter is going to be embarassed when she grows up and finds this on the web but i dont care. she decided to show me that she is ready for potty training by digging in her diaper and putting nastyness in my hand. uh thanks daughter

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

what a day

so we live on the 2nd story of a private home and let me tell u its no picnic. i like the place but sometimes it can be a trial. like when we 1st moved in the landlord asked me to give them 2 days that i would most likely do the wash. i told them tuesdays and saturdays are my husbands days off. well for a while i did it on saturday but as of like a month ago its been tuesdays because hubby has been working saturday. well the lady who mind u does her was EVERY DAY ya everyday. decides that she even will do it on tuesday but she also goes to work. pisses me off because i have 5 loads of wash. there is 4 of u and only 2 of them. how in the heck do 2 people have wash to do everyday. DO u honestly think i want to touch ur undies and other unmentionables Uhhhhhh Hell to the no.

Of course the bathroom sink hasnt worked since day one. then in jan. the plumber came to fix that and my kitchen sink. well not long after that what happens............ the dang bathroom sinks fachet fell apart completly. I recently took apart a box and taped it over the sink bowel so that nothing fells in and so i can place things over the sink. the son of the landlord lives here also but has back issues so he cant get on the floor to fix things. but u know what he can get up and go to the gym everyday. uhhhh well how about this I have crushed vertabra in 3 parts of my back and i still manage to get through 2 pregnancies and take care of my kids everyday. 

thank you Leelou

thank you so much for the blog layout


ok so i have seen my follow blogger at You Had Me at Hello do this every tuesday, and i thought why not do it to so here i go.
first off this is also found at

Monday, May 3, 2010

well things that have been on my brain the last few days

so remember my post about my father and his stuipdness???? do u think he has called me since that morning? uhhhh no. then i recently learned of something that happened in los angeles a friend of a friend played a game called the choking game? its were kids choke them self or others to get a high. well this boy choked himself with a rope and lose concsiousness they took him to the hospital and he was on life support thursday they took him off it and he passed. whats been on my brain is how can kids think this is ok. parents please talk to ur kids and tell them this isnt ok. make sure to get your kids talking about what going on.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Arianna the big girl

this is like major news. arianna is no longer in a crib. wahoo mommy. she is now in a toddler bed(pics to come). she did pretty well last nite. she likes to roll kinda like mommy and so i was expecting her to hit the floor but she did great. also she is not getting the bottle anymore even though its a struggle. she has bitten through the last nipple so i wont buy a new one. she is starting to talk well its babble but mommy knows. Neways im so proud of my girl

Saturday, May 1, 2010

To the dentist we went

so on wednesday of last week i took keith to the dentist and then arianna on friday. both kids have no cavities and arianna is still waiting for 4 more teeth. keith will have a problem when he gots his adult teeth but right now he is ok. his lower jaw is smaller then his top and his top four front teeth are too close together so thats gonna be an issue. but seeing how this was his 1st time at age 3 i was happy.


so the last 2 nites the neighbor has been playing their music at high volume at 2 am. really 2 am. makes it hard for anyone to sleep. neways this morning at 815am my dad calls which is werid havent heard from him in about 3 weeks and he is up at 615am his time to call me. wants me to start up a website for him. he isnt very internet capable. then he tells me that because my brother wanted to take the responsbilites of his friend who crashed his car my father socked my brother in his face and broke his jaw. ARE u Kidding me. My whole life my dad has been a drunk and been abusive so it shouldnt be a surprise. of course then my dad says it was his first time hitting one of his kids. uhhhhhh HELL to the NO doesnt he remember hitting me in the eye and of course theres the HUGE scar in between my eyes. but nope he doesnt seem to remember. i feel very bad for my brother he isnt really all their he has had a weird childhood my mom suffered from depression and for a period of like 2 yrs she didnt really get up off the couch. dillan has gotten away with everything he has ever done. so all he knows is getting no punishment for anything he does. but that does not mean that it is ok for my father to break his jaw. and after that i called my mother and said so ur husband opps im sorry my father broke ur sons jaw. of course because she has found jesus since her mother died she says well ur father has the devil in him and thats why he does these things. and ur brother didnt deserve that. she is living with her bf in another state. she doesnt care for her kids. she just does what she wants and could care less about others. I hate her i know she is my mother but why cant she be a mother. in my whole life she hasnt ever been my mom. just the women who gave birth to me. that doesnt make her a mother and the same for my father he is just someone who help make me not raise me.

Monday, April 26, 2010

omg 5 er visits

so in the last week i have been to the emergenacy room 5 times. 2 for each kids and 1 for me. keith ended up on anitbiotics the second time. arianna has been on them since her first visit and since last nite she is on a steroid too. myself i have been on the steroid and breathing treatments since saturday nite. Life as an asthmatic is horrible. the doctor at the er asked me if arianna has asthma i said i dont think so. my son does though as do i. so he told me to see a peditrian from the hospital about arianna. so i called about the new doc seeing her and they said ask ur pcp. but of course i was told a week ago tuesday that i couldnt take my kids back because my drivers liscense was from nevada. Ya i know how do u deny a child that is sick from seeing a doctor exspecially because both my kids have health issuse that need to be monitored. so after talking to the hopefully new doc i called the insurance people and told them what the pcp had told me and that i would like to change to the new doc. the insurance people said ms. arangoa u need to speak to the pcp and u should have called us when u were in the office last week. Opps my bad hello i have had two sick kids under 3 and myself so ya i havent had a chance to do anything but lay in bed and relax with my kids. so i called the pcp office and they took the information and said they'ed call back but its now 8:12pm here and no phone call tomorrow ill be calling the insurance people again and demanding the my child gets seen by someone asap. because if she does have the asthma i want to know

Friday, April 23, 2010

Sick children sick parents

OMG so keith has been sick since the thursday of last week. arianna got sick on sunday and ive been sick since saturday. mannie has been sick since monday. keith went to the er twice. and this past wednesday i had to take arianna. omg i cant even tell u how much i want them to be better. please lord make them better

Monday, April 19, 2010

ya me

Hello friends. so i have started a group on this place called cafemom. i went looking for a group for women age 26 to above but couldnt find one. so i made late 20's to early 30's mommas. being 27 and the mother of two kids 3 and under i was looking for moms who i could talk to who are my age. so heres hoping i can keep the group alive and keep my blog going.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

3:30am wake up call by both kids.........

yup both kids decided lets get up at 3:30 am. OMG i dont like when they do that makes me bananas. hubby went back to sleep snoring away while i did my farming on facebook. of course the kids went back to sleep at like 5am but could mom? uhhhh nope. so im sitting here with a migrain hoping that they wont get to wild today. wish me luck

Monday, April 12, 2010

go and join

hello all u should go and see my friend at you had me at hello. she is awesome.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

hello blogger friends sorry i haven't wrote in a few days, but u know how women get when they have a monthly visitor.s anyways keith has been getting up at 4am the last three days making me crazy. arianna has decided that she can hit everybody in the house. i mean really at almost 18 months she is being a bully. last night neither kid wanted to go to sleep and it was about 8 so we went for a walk. we passed one of the like 6 churches in our neighbor hood and found out a drunk driver had just crashed in to the marquee in front. the drunk was gone but all i could say to my husband was wow i cant even believe someone would crash at a church and take off. of course we came home and gave the kids another bath in the lavender soap and like 1hr later they went to bed. have a wonderful day

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

princess arianna and her wake up call

today the hubby went to work really early so it was just me and the kiddos. well keith  came in and said "mommy we need to feed the fishes" (on facebook keith and i started a fish tank) every morning he comes in and says lets feed our fishes. about an hr later we here in arianna's voice oh no. i go running to their room and she had taken off her jammies and had peed all over. i just cracked up because it was too cute. 
later when she took a nap keith and i painted a train and half of a plastor ladybug. now its bed time for them and relaxing time for mommy. maybe ill clean tonight but maybe not

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

day started bad and then got better

ya so today is my wash day and i went downstairs. put the 1st load in and then 30 mins later when i went downstairs it was soaking wet. so i had to load up the kids and my 4 loads of wash. went to the landary mat. of course my kids dont really see to many landray mats so they were exploring. this little old lady say miss ur daughter is in the dryer(before u go all crazy the door was open and is wasnt hot0. but as im going over there to get arianna im smiling because she was all giggles. the lady says thats not funny u know. i proceed to tell her ya i know its not funny, i know kids that have been put in the dryer and gotten burned so i know its not funny. why do people think that they can give advice when its not wanted.

Keith was such a big help though he put cloths in the basket from the  washer and then helped me load the dryers. he is growing so fast 3 yrs old already. makes me sad. i know when arianna turns 2 im going to be crying my eyes out. After i found out i was pregnant with arianna i told the doctors to cut and burn my tubes because i knew i wouldnt be able to handle another miscarriage with two young kids. so back to my day. after we did the wash we had to go get diapers for miss arianna, plus there is a micheals near target and we went to get some craft supplies. then we went to eat beans and fices(as keith says it). got daddys hair cut and came home. so our day did get better. thank goodness. kids are sleeping finally so im off to bed to. good night fellow bloggers.

Monday, April 5, 2010

random words

Ok so its 10:25pm here and both kids are sleeping. wahoo for me. well 3 post in one day im feeling great. so alittle bit about our crazy life. keith and i have been doing tons of arts and crafts. we painted to boards and their 1st intials. then we glued the letters to the board and added little things that they like. keiths has a soccer ball and ariannas has a ladybug. then we painted something for their uncles bday but ill tell u about it after he sees it.
we also go on lots of walks and wonderful neighborhood adventures. today we played with colored choc , keith was laying down and i traced his body. so tomorrow when daddy sees it its gonna look like a little boy in choc. arianna just tried to eat it.

oh my daughter has this thing with ladybugs. she will found them in our house and outside. two days ago one was on her dress and i just say oh u lucky girl. because ladybugs are lucky. which is a very good thing because she has had luck on her side because since birth she has been sick. but since about 8 months shes been better.  thank the lord and i did everytime we heard that apena alarm because it would get me and daddy up and we'ed get her to breath.
the lord and i have had a rough relationship but since the 1st week in march ive started having conversations with him again and even reading my bible. that 1st week in march i kinda lost it. since keith was born ive had post partuem depression. and that week i went a little luny and ended up on a hold. i figured that i really need god to help me get past the rough patch because i NEED to be here for my kids. so now im doing the blog thing to help keep me sane and to post about my mirucle kids(i was raped 13 yrs ago and had lots of scar tissue so to have my kids is a mircule). God bless and goodnight

mommy i gotta potty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

ok im sure there are many kids potty training right now but as this is my first child doing it its comedy to me.
keith: mommy i gotta potty......
mommy: ok go in the bathroom then.
keith: mommy i got poopy in my booty. :D
mommy: haha keith ur funny.
keith: mommy emily is coming.(emily is a train in the thomas videos)
mommy: keith what are u talking about?
keith: emily is coming out my winkie(ya he calls his peepee a winkie so what)
Mommy: keith, no emily just go potty.

Out of the mouth of my 3 yr old. he makes me smile. of course his sissy just claps cause after brother goes potty she and keith get treats.

we took a walk this evening and let me tell u. seeing planes is not that big a deal to adults but to kids its a surprise everytime. Arianna jumps up and down pointing. she sqeals and says bye bye. keith just says look mommy helocoptor. hahahahaha. cant wait to see how he reacts to being on one when we travel to los angeles and carson city nevada.

the start of a beautiful friendship

ok i finally jumped on the band wagon and made a blog. The title is KNAG n me which is my son and daughters first two intials. so this will be about them and me.
One thing that has been happening with my kids is that my 3 yr old keith tells everybody and their mama that sissy is his best friend. Which i think is so cute. my daughter arianna is only 17 months so she doesnt say alot of words but if someone is messing with her bo(word for brother) she lets me know. My kids are 17 months apart which also makes them irish twins. They act as if they are twins, when arianna was first born she had sleep apena. Which means that when she was sleeping she would stop breathing so she wore a heart monitor till she was about 6 months. When that thing sounded the alarm keith would go running to me or my husband mannie saying sissy sissy. ever since he has watched out for her.
Another interesting thing is that we are potty trianing keith and have been since febuary 1st. He has it down but he still has accidents. well thats it for the moment but keep coming back for more.