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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

wow im so sorry blog friends

ok i seriously suck at bloging it has been a while and im so sorry.
the kids are taking alot of my time and energy and its all i can do at night to  feed my pet and harvest my farmville on facebook.
this month my baby brother turns 21. how did that happen. i pretty much took care of him growing up and for him to be 21. its throwing me for a loop. i mean i was already think dang my son is 3 and my daughter will be 2 in about 3 months.
the crazyness continues with my best buddy who is like my sister having her first baby. im so excited for her.

So last month was our 4 yr wedding anniversary. and we just spent time together at home. because his birthday is the same day. so i made him a cake and dinner and the kids sang to him.
so im hoping that i can keep a better eye on this blog.

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