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Friday, October 22, 2010

crazy month

omg things have been crazy for like a month. On sept 18th my sister in law got married and it was a wonderful wedding and reception makes me almost wish ours was one that both sides of the family could come to but u know there would have been MAJOR drama caused by my side of the family.

Neways on sept 20th we meaning the kids and i just got home when i get a phone call from the west coast. my future sister in law calls me saying amanda ur dad is on the way to the er in an ambluance, to which i say what happened. well i was getting my daughter out of the tub when i heard a thump i come in and he is having a sezure. she tells me. 

i say ok let me call u back i have to call the hospital because im next of kin,  even though dad lives with my 21 yr old bro im in charge. called the er they said yes he is here the doc is looking at him whats his medical history. while im im doing this my lovely kids decide to jump on their beds when mind u there 3 and not even 2 then. i say stop ur gonna get hurt and then thump she fells. she crys and runs to me. not even 2 mins later she is throwing up so i call 911 cause im alone with the kids. they do a ct scan at the hospital and she  has no bleeding but a concussion. oh man im so happy thats it. 
the rest of september was fine then wednesday my son has taught sister to lock their bedroom door. she goes in and locks it and then panicks so she cant unlock it. so what happens mom calls 911 again and no less then 10 paramedics come to the rescue. they were great didnt break the door or anything. man who would have thought that life would be this crazy.
my neighbor says i should write a book or something to embarrassed the kids

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