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Friday, April 29, 2011

may is here in just days

wow i cant believe how fast it has come to may already. dang.

things have been doing ok lately. keith is doing so well as far as not having any accidents in his pants. he has also been sleeping through the night most nights. which makes me happy. being that he is 4 and just now doing it, means alot because he is very comfortable living in our new place. Arianna is doing so good too. she has been going on the potty alot more lately im kinda just letting her tell me when she is ready. she has been talking alot. its so awesome to see how much she is growing. 2 1/2 yrs old already. it is also great that she is this big because when she was first born she was diagnoised with sleep apena and that had to be the scarist time for our family. for the first 3 months we(mannie and i) slept in shifts. because we could never knew if she was going to wake up. then at 5 months her alarm started going nuts at all hours. and one nite i had to call 911 to come get her and i because our car wasnt starting and she needed a doctor asap.. they gave her an rsv test and she had it. so she was admitted. then a few hrs later a neighbor and her 6 week old was admitted to. so im very thankful that she is 2 1/2 and making me crazy.
lovely may is upon us so good health to all

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