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Friday, November 19, 2010

oh man no one likes me

lol ya i know i have 7 followers but no one really seems to comment. so today is november 19th 2010. hard to think that its almost jan. wow.
Well life has had its ups and downs. we have lived back in chicago for a yr now and it has been good for all of us. when we lived in carson city, nevada the kids had a few friends, but no cousins near their age or they never saw any of their relatives other then my grandma, my dad and bro. so now that we are here in chicago they have cousins galore and see their grandparents so much. keith loves seeing his cousins and all his family. arianna has her moments when she doesnt want anyone touching her but daddy, mommy, wito or wita. sometimes she even lets tio and tia touch her. but she loves all her family. going into this holiday season is going to be great because not only are we going to mannie's brother and sister in laws house, we will also be going to mannies uncles house. so the kids will be seeing their cousins and eatting lots of food.

also im hoping that within the next 2 christmases we will start doing the tradition were everyone including the kids will stay up till 12 to open presents. well good nite all

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