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Friday, May 7, 2010

the things my 3 yr old says

so last night we had some rain storms. well keith wakes up at 3am yup again 3am. well he comes into our room saying mommy i heard a bad noise. so i said alrite climb in bed with us. then he says mommy lighting mcqueen in outside. i told him what. then i see the lighting. hahahaha my son calls lighting lighting mcqueen. he is so funny i love him.

my kids are so silly sometimes. i dont know what goes through their minds but they make me smile.

so as mothers day is here i would like to show too mothers from my life. in this pic is my grandmother in front my cousin latoya hold my daughter she is pregnant in this pic she had her baby in decemeber? the babies name is Nevaeh. my aunt sara, me and my son. my grandma means the word to me and i want to say happy mothers day to all the other mommys in the world


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