Knag n me

Saturday, May 1, 2010


so the last 2 nites the neighbor has been playing their music at high volume at 2 am. really 2 am. makes it hard for anyone to sleep. neways this morning at 815am my dad calls which is werid havent heard from him in about 3 weeks and he is up at 615am his time to call me. wants me to start up a website for him. he isnt very internet capable. then he tells me that because my brother wanted to take the responsbilites of his friend who crashed his car my father socked my brother in his face and broke his jaw. ARE u Kidding me. My whole life my dad has been a drunk and been abusive so it shouldnt be a surprise. of course then my dad says it was his first time hitting one of his kids. uhhhhhh HELL to the NO doesnt he remember hitting me in the eye and of course theres the HUGE scar in between my eyes. but nope he doesnt seem to remember. i feel very bad for my brother he isnt really all their he has had a weird childhood my mom suffered from depression and for a period of like 2 yrs she didnt really get up off the couch. dillan has gotten away with everything he has ever done. so all he knows is getting no punishment for anything he does. but that does not mean that it is ok for my father to break his jaw. and after that i called my mother and said so ur husband opps im sorry my father broke ur sons jaw. of course because she has found jesus since her mother died she says well ur father has the devil in him and thats why he does these things. and ur brother didnt deserve that. she is living with her bf in another state. she doesnt care for her kids. she just does what she wants and could care less about others. I hate her i know she is my mother but why cant she be a mother. in my whole life she hasnt ever been my mom. just the women who gave birth to me. that doesnt make her a mother and the same for my father he is just someone who help make me not raise me.

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  1. You amaze me daily lady! With all you have been through you are ridiculously strong and an awesome mommy, wife, and friend! =D

    p.s. HOW RUDE! You should leave YOUR music on and see how they like it! ugh. Hope they knock that off ASAP.