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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

what a day

so we live on the 2nd story of a private home and let me tell u its no picnic. i like the place but sometimes it can be a trial. like when we 1st moved in the landlord asked me to give them 2 days that i would most likely do the wash. i told them tuesdays and saturdays are my husbands days off. well for a while i did it on saturday but as of like a month ago its been tuesdays because hubby has been working saturday. well the lady who mind u does her was EVERY DAY ya everyday. decides that she even will do it on tuesday but she also goes to work. pisses me off because i have 5 loads of wash. there is 4 of u and only 2 of them. how in the heck do 2 people have wash to do everyday. DO u honestly think i want to touch ur undies and other unmentionables Uhhhhhh Hell to the no.

Of course the bathroom sink hasnt worked since day one. then in jan. the plumber came to fix that and my kitchen sink. well not long after that what happens............ the dang bathroom sinks fachet fell apart completly. I recently took apart a box and taped it over the sink bowel so that nothing fells in and so i can place things over the sink. the son of the landlord lives here also but has back issues so he cant get on the floor to fix things. but u know what he can get up and go to the gym everyday. uhhhh well how about this I have crushed vertabra in 3 parts of my back and i still manage to get through 2 pregnancies and take care of my kids everyday. 

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