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Monday, April 26, 2010

omg 5 er visits

so in the last week i have been to the emergenacy room 5 times. 2 for each kids and 1 for me. keith ended up on anitbiotics the second time. arianna has been on them since her first visit and since last nite she is on a steroid too. myself i have been on the steroid and breathing treatments since saturday nite. Life as an asthmatic is horrible. the doctor at the er asked me if arianna has asthma i said i dont think so. my son does though as do i. so he told me to see a peditrian from the hospital about arianna. so i called about the new doc seeing her and they said ask ur pcp. but of course i was told a week ago tuesday that i couldnt take my kids back because my drivers liscense was from nevada. Ya i know how do u deny a child that is sick from seeing a doctor exspecially because both my kids have health issuse that need to be monitored. so after talking to the hopefully new doc i called the insurance people and told them what the pcp had told me and that i would like to change to the new doc. the insurance people said ms. arangoa u need to speak to the pcp and u should have called us when u were in the office last week. Opps my bad hello i have had two sick kids under 3 and myself so ya i havent had a chance to do anything but lay in bed and relax with my kids. so i called the pcp office and they took the information and said they'ed call back but its now 8:12pm here and no phone call tomorrow ill be calling the insurance people again and demanding the my child gets seen by someone asap. because if she does have the asthma i want to know

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  1. ugh boooo! I loathe dealing with insurance companies!! You have to make a stink now! Yell, threaten, dont get off the phone until you get an answer you want!!! Good Luck =D