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Monday, April 5, 2010

random words

Ok so its 10:25pm here and both kids are sleeping. wahoo for me. well 3 post in one day im feeling great. so alittle bit about our crazy life. keith and i have been doing tons of arts and crafts. we painted to boards and their 1st intials. then we glued the letters to the board and added little things that they like. keiths has a soccer ball and ariannas has a ladybug. then we painted something for their uncles bday but ill tell u about it after he sees it.
we also go on lots of walks and wonderful neighborhood adventures. today we played with colored choc , keith was laying down and i traced his body. so tomorrow when daddy sees it its gonna look like a little boy in choc. arianna just tried to eat it.

oh my daughter has this thing with ladybugs. she will found them in our house and outside. two days ago one was on her dress and i just say oh u lucky girl. because ladybugs are lucky. which is a very good thing because she has had luck on her side because since birth she has been sick. but since about 8 months shes been better.  thank the lord and i did everytime we heard that apena alarm because it would get me and daddy up and we'ed get her to breath.
the lord and i have had a rough relationship but since the 1st week in march ive started having conversations with him again and even reading my bible. that 1st week in march i kinda lost it. since keith was born ive had post partuem depression. and that week i went a little luny and ended up on a hold. i figured that i really need god to help me get past the rough patch because i NEED to be here for my kids. so now im doing the blog thing to help keep me sane and to post about my mirucle kids(i was raped 13 yrs ago and had lots of scar tissue so to have my kids is a mircule). God bless and goodnight

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