Knag n me

Monday, April 5, 2010

the start of a beautiful friendship

ok i finally jumped on the band wagon and made a blog. The title is KNAG n me which is my son and daughters first two intials. so this will be about them and me.
One thing that has been happening with my kids is that my 3 yr old keith tells everybody and their mama that sissy is his best friend. Which i think is so cute. my daughter arianna is only 17 months so she doesnt say alot of words but if someone is messing with her bo(word for brother) she lets me know. My kids are 17 months apart which also makes them irish twins. They act as if they are twins, when arianna was first born she had sleep apena. Which means that when she was sleeping she would stop breathing so she wore a heart monitor till she was about 6 months. When that thing sounded the alarm keith would go running to me or my husband mannie saying sissy sissy. ever since he has watched out for her.
Another interesting thing is that we are potty trianing keith and have been since febuary 1st. He has it down but he still has accidents. well thats it for the moment but keep coming back for more.

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  1. YAY!! Welcome to blog world!!! =D Your babies are precious! What a great bond they have =D