Knag n me

Sunday, April 11, 2010

hello blogger friends sorry i haven't wrote in a few days, but u know how women get when they have a monthly visitor.s anyways keith has been getting up at 4am the last three days making me crazy. arianna has decided that she can hit everybody in the house. i mean really at almost 18 months she is being a bully. last night neither kid wanted to go to sleep and it was about 8 so we went for a walk. we passed one of the like 6 churches in our neighbor hood and found out a drunk driver had just crashed in to the marquee in front. the drunk was gone but all i could say to my husband was wow i cant even believe someone would crash at a church and take off. of course we came home and gave the kids another bath in the lavender soap and like 1hr later they went to bed. have a wonderful day

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