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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

day started bad and then got better

ya so today is my wash day and i went downstairs. put the 1st load in and then 30 mins later when i went downstairs it was soaking wet. so i had to load up the kids and my 4 loads of wash. went to the landary mat. of course my kids dont really see to many landray mats so they were exploring. this little old lady say miss ur daughter is in the dryer(before u go all crazy the door was open and is wasnt hot0. but as im going over there to get arianna im smiling because she was all giggles. the lady says thats not funny u know. i proceed to tell her ya i know its not funny, i know kids that have been put in the dryer and gotten burned so i know its not funny. why do people think that they can give advice when its not wanted.

Keith was such a big help though he put cloths in the basket from the  washer and then helped me load the dryers. he is growing so fast 3 yrs old already. makes me sad. i know when arianna turns 2 im going to be crying my eyes out. After i found out i was pregnant with arianna i told the doctors to cut and burn my tubes because i knew i wouldnt be able to handle another miscarriage with two young kids. so back to my day. after we did the wash we had to go get diapers for miss arianna, plus there is a micheals near target and we went to get some craft supplies. then we went to eat beans and fices(as keith says it). got daddys hair cut and came home. so our day did get better. thank goodness. kids are sleeping finally so im off to bed to. good night fellow bloggers.

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