Knag n me

Monday, April 5, 2010

mommy i gotta potty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

ok im sure there are many kids potty training right now but as this is my first child doing it its comedy to me.
keith: mommy i gotta potty......
mommy: ok go in the bathroom then.
keith: mommy i got poopy in my booty. :D
mommy: haha keith ur funny.
keith: mommy emily is coming.(emily is a train in the thomas videos)
mommy: keith what are u talking about?
keith: emily is coming out my winkie(ya he calls his peepee a winkie so what)
Mommy: keith, no emily just go potty.

Out of the mouth of my 3 yr old. he makes me smile. of course his sissy just claps cause after brother goes potty she and keith get treats.

we took a walk this evening and let me tell u. seeing planes is not that big a deal to adults but to kids its a surprise everytime. Arianna jumps up and down pointing. she sqeals and says bye bye. keith just says look mommy helocoptor. hahahahaha. cant wait to see how he reacts to being on one when we travel to los angeles and carson city nevada.


  1. Too cute! I love that ariana knows when keith goes potty she gets a treat! too funny.

  2. ya planes are a big deal at our house too especially since they fly over every 3-5 hours .. ya fun lol my kid thinks he needs to point them out all the time. BTW my kids are irish twins too 13 months apart :)
    following ur blog from ur friend Nicole :)